Playing The Part

Today I spent most of it watching about the tragedy of the “could be” terrorist attack on the plane just outside of Egypt.  It saddens me and ,y heart goes out to the famlies of the victims.  It also angers me to an extent because not only where there men and women but three young children.  This world is the epitome of evil.  As I write this countless women and children are being raped.  People have taken their eyes off God, which is why it’s more important now than ever that we as Christians keep our eyes and hearts set above.

Jesus is coming back soon.  I think it’s fairly evident in what the bible says about the end of times vs what’s happening around the world that the end is near, judgement is coming. It comes with out question really, are you ready?  I don’t mean are you saved, although if you’re not now would be the best time to accept God into your life.  I recently planted a garden and the little vegetables are coming up, I can’t wait for a fresh tomatoe and cheese sandwich.  Others in my family are looking forward to the squash, corn, okra, cucumbers….I have reaped a decent garden and I expect its yield will be enough to feed my family for a little while at least.  What I have reaped I expect to sow.  

It isn’t any different in literal life.  America is blatantly mocking God.  In Galatians it tells us God will NOT be mocked.  People claim to be Christian and live like the world.  In fact they live like the world Sunday-Saturday and for 1 hour on Sunday morning decide to put on this mask and act like they’re Christian. They’re playing the part.   I’m not saying I don’t sin, I fail God all the time, but it’s not bout our failures….it’s about knowing you’re wrong and trying to live better.  People put this mask on to play their part and the only people they’re fooling are themselves number one and number two the people around them at church.  Mocking God, has become the norm in almost every facet of America.  Our musicians sing about God and prayer in one sentence, then divorce and drinking in the other.  Our tv shows have taken God out all together and replaced him with homosexuality.  Our president will bow to Allah and rebukes the notion of a Christian prayer.  I believe judgement is coming on America.  Americans have spent so much time taking God out of everything, even church, and I believe a time is coming where God says “You wanted me out of your schools, so I left, you wanted me out of your music so I left, you wanted me out of your White House so I left…and now you want me out of your church….”.  People might disagree and say no we don’t want God out of the church we need a revival.  Then why is your life reflecting that you don’t want a revival.  All of these churches are having revivals, so where is the revival?  I believe soon, God is going to lift his hand of protection off America and what’s coming…we’ve had coming.   What we have reaped, we are about to sow.  

You can keep,playing the part or you can get out there and start planting seeds….harvest time is just around the corner.

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