The Lesser of Evil?

DAY 1:

I felt like this was needed.  This, fast from Facebook.  It seems as if all there is anymore, all this month and year have been about is this election.  It’s sad.  It’s sad that it’s came down to abortion as a deciding factor.  Let that sink in.  It’s came down to, not if all abortions are murder, only if some are.  That’s from both sides.  So, it came to my attention that I stir up trouble with in the Christian community because my stance is different.  I choose neither.  for most this is a hard concept.  You have to choose one or its a vote for the other.  I’m not sorry that I’ve stood up for what I believe is right.  I’m also not sorry that I called out some of the brethren on these matters.  I am sorry in the manner in which I did it, but not sorry for what I said.  It is simple…

So why not Hilary?  Well for me it goes deeper than abortion, benghazi, the emails.  It’s about principle.  It’s evident she has no moral compass.  I do not trust her with America.  But I truely believe we should vote for the Christian.  Hands down.  It’s quite obvious by her lies, social stance, and own admission that she’s not a Christian.  So no, I can’t imagine being part of a group of people that help put her into office for my own moral fortitude.

So why not Trump?  Trump is obviously narcissistic.  He believes only he can save America.  Thirty years ago we wouldn’t have voted for him because of his instability, instability people marvel at now.  He is the text book definition of a sociopath, because of his lack of empathy and lack of true emotion or remorse.  It is what it is…

So the question remains when you’re voting, does the bible say vote for the Christian?  I could go into what it says about leaders but the debate will arise that we’re  not electing pastors.  So it’s debatable. For that I agree.  We are electing someone who is put forth to lead this country though.  To help protect this wonderful gift from God.  This country is a gift.  Imagine God handing you something and saying… here this it is your responsibility to put someone in charge of it…. to protect it, to uphold it’s laws, to lead it to better laws.  This is My gift to you….

These two people aren’t it.  These two people by their own admissions have said they will dismantle the US and it’s structure.  Each in their own individual ways.   Each disregards what is right and although I’m in agreement that abortion is worse on a certain level than tax evasion or disrespect to women; both are wrong.  

Is there a right choice? No, and I think most of us can agree that Trump is far from equipped and ready to be the president.  

All of that being said.  Day 1 was about me getting over this election.  Deciding that I have peace about not voting because I never gained peace about who to vote for.

When it is said that a man’s vote isn’t important or is wasted, for whomever that may be, our democratic voting process has already failed. When it is reduced down to 2 people being the only choices, be it literal or figurative, our system has also failed.  The only reason it’s still a democratic voting structure is because there’s 2 and not 1.

Thank you,



10 thoughts on “The Lesser of Evil?”

  1. One of them wants to recreate the model of free borders like what is currently happening with the Migrants in Europe and if you haven’t been following the Migrant crisis, you should look into that and see what those so-called refugees have done there, rape women and threaten the citizens that they have taken over their neighborhoods. While we as Christians ought to lend a helping hand to those who are in need, Jesus admonished his believers to be discerning and prudent.

    The lesser evil is the one who will most likely not silence you when you talk about the things of God. The current administration for which Hillary Clinton would be an extension of, will brand the preaching of the gospel as hate speech. Not only that, Mrs. Clinton lobbies for the Arabs (why do you think she wants for refugees here in the US) who abide by Sharia, an oppressive system that legalizes the mistreatment of women, and non-Islamic people which includes Christians and Jews.

    It’s definitely more than just an abortion issue. None of them are fit but one of them is definitely the lesser evil.


    1. Yeah the point I was making, and still make is this. If you’re a Christian you understand where evil is the holy spirit and blessings will not be there. How as a Christian can one be expected to vote for evil, even if it is lesser evil than the next…its still evil. Think about it, if you were told to go dig a hole then told no wait…dig half of that hole. You’re still digging a hole the hole is only half as big. Doesn’t change the literal definition only the amount. For me evil is evil, we are in the church age for Laocodia (sp?) The lukewarm church. Where evil, wrong, and sin are all watered down to a point that the church brings the world inside it’s doors to attract the world…not thinking that all they ever needed was Jesus…


      1. The story that comes to mind is Solomon’s discernment in 1 Kings 3:16-28. Both of them have different claims, different platforms. Discernment is key. Looking at evidence or looking at tampered evidence wiped clean which could be worse but since we the people might have no way of knowing…

        Evil is evil, no question there, but the question you posed was something along the sort of lesser evil between the two. I am an Evangelical and find myself backed into a corner with both choices I would rather not vote for, but I cannot ignore what Mrs. Clinton stands for, she wants to bring the plague of the Islamic ideology into the country. This is not hearsay. Really, check out what the Migrants are doing in Europe that is not covered by the media, especially the videos made by people who simply has had enough.

        Trump might arrogantly claim to be the savior of the USA, you could say that mockingly, but I voted (I already did vote) with the knowledge that whoever wins, God allowed that person there and His will be done regardless. If Clinton wins the election, maybe God allows Islam to take over the US which explains the US’ absence in end time prophecy and maybe, that is just what’s going to happen since God has been kicked out of this country long ago.

        You mentioned ‘lukewarm’ and that is being in the middle of two temperatures. Hot or Cold. You are being presented with 2 choices in this election. If you truly are biblically inclined, and you believe the system has ultimately failed, you sound like you have no hope at all for God to even intervene. I think refusing to choose between the choices God has allowed to be presented assuming that you believe in His sovereignty whether you like it or not is choosing to BE lukewarm, believe it or not. Just my opinion. I have written my stance on multiple posts dated 8/10, 10/08, and 10/10.


    2. That being said I know who the lesser evil is. Trump, the savior of the United States. Remember this, Clinton or trump can only achieve what they claim to do through executive order…which is far to close to dictator decision making…


      1. I understand. These things, gun control, abortions, tax laws…what ever…corrupt email…scandals…its worldly….things not promised with in the bible and no I don’t agree with any…but I can’t lower my moral standing to gain the world….


      2. You are entitled to what you are absolutely convinced of. But since I still live in the world, I have to make a choice between the two and whoever I think will be the one to prolong my right to boldly proclaim God’s salvation rather than silence the proclamation of it gets my vote and it is not to gain the world. If it were up to me, I’d much hope for Jesus’ return but until then, I need to exercise my worldly faculty of making choices, my free will, which is biblical.

        You can equate my choice to lowering my moral standing but God knows my motive, as I would consider your choice as being lukewarm to refuse to choose, but here is the beauty part, as much as people want to believe the choice is an illusion, it actually isn’t since we are both choosing as we speak. Have a nice day.


  2. It’s not a refusal to choose. This is thr problem with our world. God doesn’t always say move, or choose in this instance. Sometimes He says wait, stand still, be silent, talk…with out a directive and by your own admission you’re picking what you’re doing based on your own intelligence and your own choices. If you move, or vote in this instance, for reasons that aren’t supporter biblically it’s wrong. Lukewarm churches are churches who cloud their vision, intention, and reason with worldly attributes. For example, many churches are embracing homosexuality because of a number of reasons…I’ve even heard it defended that a homosexual joining a church with his partner is no different than a liar joining the church with his or her spouse. This is Lukewarm. In the instance of trump vs Hilary peopke are backing trump because he’s against partial birth abortion and they claim to be prolife but he and a lot of them are ok with his statement that rape, incest, and danger to the mother are justified abortions. Lukewarm, against 1 thing but ok with something not as bad. The bible is clear the way is straight and narrow as it is with your Christian walk. You’re either for abortion or against, you’re either for cheating or you’re against, for lying or against, there is no in between and when you vote you’re saying yea to trump and the bible says let your Yeas be Yeas…let your yes I’m for trump be yes I’m for trump, either you agree with him or you don’t….if you agree with him you have to ask yourself the age old, what would Jesus do? I could argue that he wouldn’t vote…not for Hilary and especially not for trump. I can back this decision up biblically, can you do the same?


    1. Interesting you say you can back this decision up biblically.

      Jesus didn’t really have to pay taxes because He technically owns everything. What did He do? He PAID the taxes. Jesus didn’t have to obey any authority on Earth since He Himself is King. What did He do? He said in Mark 12:17, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” No person here is above authority and Jesus didn’t make Himself above authority when He walked this Earth. He submitted Himself to the leaders God placed since He even said to Pilate, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”

      Jesus, God incarnate gave us a model to follow and that is to submit to authority. Do we like our current administration? Of course not, but you won’t see us go rioting. However, we are given an opportunity to replace the current one and I am going to use my voting right to do so.

      The thing is this, a lot of people’s ability to discern are clouded by the mounting evidence of Trump’s misdeeds while the other camp’s is cloaked in secret. Also, I can believe you can back up your claim biblically, but what I cannot do is go against what I am already convinced of, otherwise I will be sinning.

      I am not attacking your character when I say I absolutely question that you keep everything written in the word because absolutely EVERYONE sins. Do you sin? I think you know the answer to that. God gave us leaders to choose and the fact that we are given 2 choices that are both bad is proof that America is under God’s judgment and like I said, you can look down on my choice, but I will answer to God, though you say I am choosing by my own reasoning when in fact, this is one of the toughest choice in an election one has to make in such a pivotal moment in history. Not trying to win anything here. I respect your choice though I do not agree with it and I expect you to do the same for those who do look at the evidence that this election determines whether or not, America remains to be America. This will be my last reply and thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my opinion here.


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