Day what? 1 Million?

OO my, I’m going through Facebook withdrawals.  ha, that’s a bold face lie.  I don’t know hat day this is with out facebook, 4 maybe.  Two things I’ve found, my life has had trouble and I feel closer to God and my wife.  That is the goal and it’s making me question ever opening up facebook again.  That being said, I don’t miss it, although I’ve pushed for the icon on my phone a few times out of habit.  this weekend has been the best I’ve had in a while.

The car broke down, then worked fine.  Which arises the idea that when bad things start to happen, i wonder if it isn’t a sign that I’m getting close to God.  Satan has no reason to bother me the further away I get, but a vested interest to bother the closer I get.  interesting.



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