New Years Reso…What?

Here we are, 2016 gone.  This year for me has had many new additions, most notable is I got married to an amazing Godly woman (which is an amazing addition).  So we’ve came to that time of year where people make resolutions, things like going to the gym, quitting an addiction, or going to church more, praying more, reading the Bible daily…so forth and so on.  Without even looking back in time I can tell you my top New Years resolution was to be more like my grandfather.  That probably throws some people off because I should obviously want to be like my dad, but not to worry I want to be more like my dad every day; this year my resolution was to be like my grandfather.  Strikingly, he was humble, quiet, thoughtful, Godly, the picture perfect man in wisdom among many other qualities.  Naturally and humanly, I failed many times.  Not only was that my resolution but my prayer.  As it stands though I failed my resolution as a majority, as do we all, but God did answer that prayer in many other ways though.  This year has been notable for many reasons.

With Christmas just behind us I’m delighted to share that my wonderful wife got me a journaling bible and two bible studies.  First off, I love taking notes and I love drawing.  That being said I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind notes in my bible but I do not want drawings (not that I feel as if this is wrong or right it’s just not me).  But notes! This I need because of my overly active brain. I can keep my focus when I can, then revisit it at a later time. The Bible studies though, I’m excited about…which essentially ends this post to break into the next one.  I’m starting the study “The Resolution for Men”.  I’m hoping for a new year new me resolution, what better place to start than at home…. 


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