God’s Not Dead 1&2 Review

So this weekend me and Kendra watched the movies God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2.  It’s nice to have a positive influence in the tv shows or movies we watch.  Upon dating, engagement, and now marriage we’ve tried to distance ourselves from things that promote the world and partake in things that promote God.  That’s not to say occasionally we don’t flip the radio over to the top 40 station (usually commenting on how this or that song isn’t really that good) or with TV we find ourselves consumed with the Food Network, but we do try.  This winter season we’ve tended to watch more Hallmark (Not Christian by any stretch, but family friendly USUALLY ).  The other day we watched a movie promoting suicide and personally I felt guilty and ultimately beside myself, Kendra on the other hand being a romantic found and saw the love in the story.  So, no it isn’t always a movie about God or Christianity but we do try to move towards family friendly movies if we can.

These 2 movies seem to touch on something deeper, something more profound than just the average Joe Christian movies (which sometimes can be dry).  I’ll have to say at times you feel the pain in the movies because it really hits home.  In the first the lady gets cancer, the student battling the world (Satan), the Christian realizing she was living in sin living with her boyfriend, and the list would go on.  There were many stories combined to give you one conclusion that God is in control.  In the end giving the young man the words to impact many lives, the young Muslim woman to convert from Islam to Christianity, the sin stricken lady to take a step closer to God, and the pastor to learn true patience.  God’s Not Dead 2 hitting as close to home with a similar over all Christian theme.

My only negative is in 1 scene in the first movie.  The band The News Boys meet the woman with cancer and proceed to talk to her about God.  The most important part they left out was her asking God into her life and inserted the lead singer praying for her salvation.  This being nit picky I know and realize, it could create the wrong impression for a nonbeliever.  That being said both are very well written and decent above par actors in them. 

General Review:

Acting: 4:5

Story Line: 5:5

Language: 5:5

Adult Content: 4:5 (realistic life situations)

Family Friendly: 5:5

Biblical Accuracy: 3.5:5

OVERALL: 26.5:30

4.5 Stars

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