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Th Alt-Right Misnomer

I’ve debated for quit some time whether or not to write this post.   I’ve even kept some of it a mystery to even my close friends because I hadn’t really read and studied, nor did I even really ask my self: What is the Alr-Right.  I will admit that I never liked the Alt-Right movement, but it was more of an inclination not filled with any factual information.  The Alt-Right by definition and in summed up fashion is a movement that gives the conservative an “Alternative Right” platform as opposed to the “Mainstream Right” or “Mainstream Conservative”.  Basically I’m not even sure how to organize and explain because I do agree with some of what they believe but as a general whole I do not like the general aspect of what Alt-Right originated from and in the end has become.

I want to remind you that we had an Alt-Right option all along.  We had Ted Cruz, we had the strong conservatives, we had someone who was against the “evil” republicans.  I lump Cruz in there only because they (the Alt-Right or AR) movement does.  The people they describe as a whole as evil conservatives is not even who Cruz was or is, just like their leader Trump, the AR crowd has managed to take an opinion (very off base opinion at that) and attempt to turn it into a fact.  Let us not forget the Tea Party, the original alternative to the actual evil republicans.  It’s assanine to me that Cruz made it into the evil category because of his diligence towards the tea party beliefs.  So basically in starting I’ll assert that anything I’m saying is in comparison to the tea party verses the AR.

Limiting immigration.  Nothing is more anticonservative or antiamerican than saying we need to limit immigration.  Let me rephrase. Nothing is more anti-right than saying we should limit legal immigration.  Legal immigration is the backbone for diversity and the building block of this great nation.  The left, not the right is one of the leading reasons our immigration policy got shafted in the first place.  If we taught in our schools the history of why we have immigration laws, the youth who want open boarders would see how antiamerican illegal immigration is.  If America is so great and we need to make it great again, teach why you should be proud to be an American.  The AR believes in shutting immigration down all together for “national security”.  We already had a massive vetting process, it was and still is the 7 years you need to be a legal alien before you can become a citizen.  We didn’t let known terrorists or people with terrorism in their general vicinity become legal aliens, many times apprehending them and deporting them back if the did make it here illegally.  I do, as did many tea party patriots believe we needed better border control, the tea perry already suggested we build the wall at the Mexican border.  Guess what the AR crowd claimed back then, the wall wasn’t important. Now no, I know AR wasn’t around then, but the people who aren’t racist and in the AR are the very people who are the front runners there in.  So building the wall and border security, agreed we need it…but stopping legal immigration?

I’m really only making 3 points here I think but the second.  The free market.  Many trump supporters are for the free market.  Blindly not realizing that trump is an oxymoron (emphasis on the latter half) because he is calling for American workers, while his company is massively ran by green card holders.  The free market was, is and will be the building blocks for America.  The free market, or capitalism is America economically.  Do I blame a businessman for hiring an immigrant at a lower wage to save the cost? No.  Which is ultimately a failure to the last paragraph.  Secure legal immigration and you’ll fix this problem.  AR, like a bunch of butt hurt pansies don’t the the free market is valid.  Wait, what?  AR believes it’s more important to secure the Western Culture that save the free market.  Yes, Palm to forehead.  The western culture was built by the free market, how can you dismantle the very thing that created the other thing you’re trying to save?  The tea party had a better solution, free the market up again.  When you free it up, mom and pop places can reduce prices on their goods and better profit in the end.  But many will say this isn’t Donald Trumps mentality. True you are, if you believe he’s telling the truth.  This contradiction with trump and the AR was almost the main reason I’m against them, except one other small factor.

Until….Breibart defined what the AR stands for with in multiculturalism.  The western culture in laymens terms is a culture built on many cultures, aka multiculturalism.  America is built on multiculturalism.  Think about it, Anglo-Americans, African Americans, Chineese Americans, Mexican Americans…ect. We all make up the parts of America.  We are a multicultural society, and it’s beautiful.  It’s America.  I do not disagree it’s part of what makes America great but a culture is something that is ever changing.  Look at the southern culture of today verse the southern culture of the 1950s.  The African American culture of the 1980s verse the African American culture of today, it different.  The individual is who defines the culture, wait…what?  The individuals of the culture are who keep the cultural traditions alive or let them go dead.  Some of our cultures mesh together to form new or “improved” cultures.  Its multiculturalism at its finest.  It’s being a true American.  Ask my fiancé though…she will tell you I’m a strong believer in preserving some of the various cultures because of the historical significance.  Breibart defined the ARs stance on this in a way that I must say…is racist against all races, white, black, Asian, any of them.  They said “seperation is necessary for distinctiveness”.  Stop. I can’t even type what I’m feeling because of my outrage.  Seperation?  Rewind, hitler said seperation was necessary to preserve multiculturalism with in Germany, before he escorted the Jews into the gas chambers.  The racist groups said separate but equal, and now so is the AR.

On this last point alone, I am Calling out trump as a racist.  He proudly claims to be AR, in spite of things like this.  If you think seperation to preserve culture is the best way than you’re racist.  This mentality goes back to the days of the Native Americans. AR claims that we should have intermingled into the Native American culture.  They believe we should have staid separate.  Maybe you agree but it wasn’t the mesh that caused the rift, it was the lack of respect for that culture that did.

In closing. Trump is a proud AR. When he loses, a third party will erupt the scene.  I think they’ll be called the Alternatives haha but hopefully not.  These three points, define my reasons for not voting trump and not voting for the AR.  American structure, American free market, and American multiculturalism.

The Trump-Nation

This post for me has been forthcoming for many days now.  For those of you who know me I was and still am a constitutionalist.  Please, don’t confuse that with republican, I never have been and unless the tides change never will be a republican.  I am a conservative constitutionalist.  I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I believe in small government who is voted by and leads by the majority vote.  I am also tired of these “moderate republican” boobs that the Republican Party keeps bringing as the conservative choice.   I also believe our right to vote is God given and I take it very seriously, and by very seriously I mean I believe I will have to account before my maker why I cast my vote for whom ever I choose.  Which brings us to Donald Trump…

The bible tells us “Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads.” Deut. 1:3. I’m not fully sure that any of these fit Trump.  We have to be careful where we cast our vote.  This argument that we “have” to vote for Trump is asinine and far from biblical on the premise that we have to because it’s him or Hilary.  When you walk into that voting booth and place your vote you are endorsing everything that Trump stands for, the very fibers of your vote are highlighting his good and bad qualities.  His list of good qualities is short, as a matter of a fact the only thing me and Trumpsters have in common is that he would be better than Hilary, and I only think that because I think she would be a disaster of a resident, I mean president in the whitehouse.  This devotion to Trump is alsmost cult like because the devotion to him is misplaced.  I truly believe that people at first liked the idea of Trump more than they liked the man, even I liked the idea of him to begin with and like most I didn’t even think he’d make it this far because his very existence in politics is a joke.  I like the idea of owning a brand new Chevy truck I just don’t like the idea of the cost, I like the idea of eating hot dogs every day 3 times a day I just don’t like the physical cost, just like I liked the idea of a gutsy loud mouth I just don’t like the idea of what it’s going to do to this country.  People have forgotten Gods ultimate power in the overall scheme of things, they think we’ll I can’t vote for anyone but Trump because I can’t let Hilary win.  That’s not what God told you to do, He said choose wise, understanding, and experienced men. So when you cast that vote this is what you’re endorsing and claiming you represent:

  1. A Liar:  There are many instances of this that I could cite.  The most appalling to me was his claims to be a republican.  For my entire life and then some (30+ years) Trump has been a flaming liberal.  Donald Trump is the epitome of hypocritical because in the last election he supported Obummer and now all of a sudden he’s “against” what Obama stands for…but wait is he really?  Check that because almost everything to date that he claimed to be or claimed he would do he has changed.  The one that burns my blood the most is the Syrian Refugee crisis.  At first he said doors closed no exceptions….now he’s saying a strict vetting process.  Maybe they will use the same vetting process as they did in Ft. Hood.  
  2. Liberal Policies:  currently at the “Trump-Tower” men who associate as a woman can enter a female bathroom, trumps tax strategy is a joke, his foreign policy is self built, he isn’t going to stand behind traditional marriage, trump is in support of the Satanist group planned parenthood (which means he is in the closet but agrees with abortion).  Trump by definition is still a closet liberal claiming to be a republican…might I remind you of Mitt Romney who was basically a shell of Trump.
  3. Anti-Women:  Throughout the years trump has proven time and time again that he is against women.  His words have proved it and now his actions are supporting it.  There is hardly a greater war to wage against women than the transgender “rights” to use the bathroom of their choice. Yes I know he retracted his statement that anyone should be able to use the bathroom they choose, but even after his retraction transgenders can still use whatever bathroom they choose in his building.  Women who work for trump make less money to equal male counterparts,  Trump is a synonym for Anti-Women.
  4. Irresponsible:  Trump has filed bankruptcy multiple times and now…what does he plan to do?  Bankrupt America on a world level….this is his plan to get us out of the debt we are in, and since it’s never been done before its theoretical at best what the end outcome would be.  He mouths off about stuff he doesn’t understand, he makes claims he can’t meet, he is a walking contradiction to his own ideas.

This is a general list..but the key points.

Trump rarely brings up preserving the constitution, and when he does it seems forced.  If you choose trump you’re yoking yourself to him and his decisions.  It mean, in other words, you endorse his lies, his liberal policies, the fact that he’s anti-women, and his irresponsibility.  How can you ever expect God to bless this country, when we as Christians vote against Gods very directives?   God didn’t call us to fix the problem, he called us to be part of his solution.  We are supposed to vote for the Chrisrian and then if God wants trump/Hilary he will put them there, but since we voted like we were supposed to God will bless this nation.

My best friend is a Trump supporter.  I understand why and I can respect his decision because it isn’t really on the premise that he has to or Hilary will win.  Think long and hard about who you vote for…you will have to take account for it one day, if you’ve prayed about it and feel led to vote Trump because Hilary is the alternative…you’re not following what God tells you to.