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Detox the World

Have you ever just wanted to quit an addiction, even if for just a short period of time, to detox your body from chemicals that are self induced and abundantly damaging to your general wellbeing?  My wife and I did….

Here lately I’ve been doing the Bible study, “The Resolution for Men”.  A study based around the concept of the movie Courageous, designed specifically for men who want some good advice and a reminder to their calling from God.  Going through it, it’s made me consider how every choice I’ve made, am making, or will make has been from a leadership standpoint (whether or not it was the right choice or not).  Trust me I’ve made some terrible choices while at other times I sought after God’s plan and knew that I had lead me and my wife in the right direction. 

Seeking after what I believe is His will for my life, this coming week we have both decided to take a fast from things that have proven to be a general distraction from not just Him but also each other.  My wife is going to do a blog about it to some extent so I don’t want to steal her thunder, and I won’t go into any detail.  

Sometimes you just have to detox the world out of your life.  I believe that it would do everyone good to turn the world off and turn God and family on louder.  I hope at the end of this period of fasting we achieve 3 main things:

  1. Spiritual Clarity:  we aren’t really seeking clarity on anything specific.  But for me, I want to be closer and have a deeper relationship to/with God.  I want to stop for just a period and say “God, please speak to me, please be with me….please let me be close to you”.  
  2. Marital Clarity:  for me this isn’t an indication that anything is wrong with our relationship, to the contrary it’s still as amazing as the day I met her.  But I fear more than anything complacency.  I think you can get complacent while everything being great, which could be setting you up for a major let down when it isn’t great.  To counteract that I think a couple has to always be sure to work together and serve the other.
  3. Sound Clarity:  For me this is also about bringing simplicity back to my ever hectic life.  I thrive off of 2 totally opposite things.  I like the grind, the pressure to meet deadlines, the need to do efficient quick work.  But….BUT….my wife will be the first to tell you one of my favorite things is to sit on the back deck drink a cup of strong coffee and smoke a quality cigar.  I need both in my life but all to often the former outweighs the latter. So a week of playing cards, listening to country gospel, knitting, talking….is exactly what I need.

So hence forth we travel.

-What doest t profit a sir to gain the w’rld and loseth his soul?

God’s Not Dead 1&2 Review

So this weekend me and Kendra watched the movies God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2.  It’s nice to have a positive influence in the tv shows or movies we watch.  Upon dating, engagement, and now marriage we’ve tried to distance ourselves from things that promote the world and partake in things that promote God.  That’s not to say occasionally we don’t flip the radio over to the top 40 station (usually commenting on how this or that song isn’t really that good) or with TV we find ourselves consumed with the Food Network, but we do try.  This winter season we’ve tended to watch more Hallmark (Not Christian by any stretch, but family friendly USUALLY ).  The other day we watched a movie promoting suicide and personally I felt guilty and ultimately beside myself, Kendra on the other hand being a romantic found and saw the love in the story.  So, no it isn’t always a movie about God or Christianity but we do try to move towards family friendly movies if we can.

These 2 movies seem to touch on something deeper, something more profound than just the average Joe Christian movies (which sometimes can be dry).  I’ll have to say at times you feel the pain in the movies because it really hits home.  In the first the lady gets cancer, the student battling the world (Satan), the Christian realizing she was living in sin living with her boyfriend, and the list would go on.  There were many stories combined to give you one conclusion that God is in control.  In the end giving the young man the words to impact many lives, the young Muslim woman to convert from Islam to Christianity, the sin stricken lady to take a step closer to God, and the pastor to learn true patience.  God’s Not Dead 2 hitting as close to home with a similar over all Christian theme.

My only negative is in 1 scene in the first movie.  The band The News Boys meet the woman with cancer and proceed to talk to her about God.  The most important part they left out was her asking God into her life and inserted the lead singer praying for her salvation.  This being nit picky I know and realize, it could create the wrong impression for a nonbeliever.  That being said both are very well written and decent above par actors in them. 

General Review:

Acting: 4:5

Story Line: 5:5

Language: 5:5

Adult Content: 4:5 (realistic life situations)

Family Friendly: 5:5

Biblical Accuracy: 3.5:5

OVERALL: 26.5:30

4.5 Stars

The Lesser of Evil?

DAY 1:

I felt like this was needed.  This, fast from Facebook.  It seems as if all there is anymore, all this month and year have been about is this election.  It’s sad.  It’s sad that it’s came down to abortion as a deciding factor.  Let that sink in.  It’s came down to, not if all abortions are murder, only if some are.  That’s from both sides.  So, it came to my attention that I stir up trouble with in the Christian community because my stance is different.  I choose neither.  for most this is a hard concept.  You have to choose one or its a vote for the other.  I’m not sorry that I’ve stood up for what I believe is right.  I’m also not sorry that I called out some of the brethren on these matters.  I am sorry in the manner in which I did it, but not sorry for what I said.  It is simple…

So why not Hilary?  Well for me it goes deeper than abortion, benghazi, the emails.  It’s about principle.  It’s evident she has no moral compass.  I do not trust her with America.  But I truely believe we should vote for the Christian.  Hands down.  It’s quite obvious by her lies, social stance, and own admission that she’s not a Christian.  So no, I can’t imagine being part of a group of people that help put her into office for my own moral fortitude.

So why not Trump?  Trump is obviously narcissistic.  He believes only he can save America.  Thirty years ago we wouldn’t have voted for him because of his instability, instability people marvel at now.  He is the text book definition of a sociopath, because of his lack of empathy and lack of true emotion or remorse.  It is what it is…

So the question remains when you’re voting, does the bible say vote for the Christian?  I could go into what it says about leaders but the debate will arise that we’re  not electing pastors.  So it’s debatable. For that I agree.  We are electing someone who is put forth to lead this country though.  To help protect this wonderful gift from God.  This country is a gift.  Imagine God handing you something and saying… here this it is your responsibility to put someone in charge of it…. to protect it, to uphold it’s laws, to lead it to better laws.  This is My gift to you….

These two people aren’t it.  These two people by their own admissions have said they will dismantle the US and it’s structure.  Each in their own individual ways.   Each disregards what is right and although I’m in agreement that abortion is worse on a certain level than tax evasion or disrespect to women; both are wrong.  

Is there a right choice? No, and I think most of us can agree that Trump is far from equipped and ready to be the president.  

All of that being said.  Day 1 was about me getting over this election.  Deciding that I have peace about not voting because I never gained peace about who to vote for.

When it is said that a man’s vote isn’t important or is wasted, for whomever that may be, our democratic voting process has already failed. When it is reduced down to 2 people being the only choices, be it literal or figurative, our system has also failed.  The only reason it’s still a democratic voting structure is because there’s 2 and not 1.

Thank you,


How Watered Down Are You?

When was the last time you pulled an audit on your self?  When was the last time you pulled an audit on your church? Home? Family?  I asked myself this just a few minutes ago when driving home from Kendra’s house.  Then I asked myself, how watered down are you?  Watered down Christianity is like an epidemic plaguing our churches and the biggest conundrum and deceit, satan is the producer.  I’ll repeate that because later it will be important, Satan is the producer.

We as Christians stopped holding ourselves to a higher standard.  We are the text book definition of carnal, we sin then pray for forgiveness, sin then pray for forgiveness, then sin again.  We literally play Russian Roulette with Satan the only problem is the chamber is full so every time we pull the trigger we are killing our testimony not to mention nailing Christ to the cross over and over.  When did we lay down our shield and stop protecting ourselves from the world?  When did worldy pleasure out weigh our spiritual gain?  It started when we allowed Satan a foothold into places he never should have been.

If you go back 100 years and look at the church do you think it’s mirrored in the church today?  Of course not.  But why not?  The is a fast food generation,  people want instant gratification.  Churches fail to wait on God, so they go out and do what they think is best.  They add these new things in to “Attract” new members.  But what kind of new things?  New music, new lighting systems, new attractions, new preachers, new screens, new new new new.  But what was wrong with the old?  “Well, people just don’t like the red back hymnal, they like the light shows, the big screens, the new age preachers.”   It’s because it appeals to the senses, but senses are worldy.  I used to walk into this local church I loved it, it smelled old, the pews were ugly, the songs were old…we didn’t have the new…in fact even the carpet was old.  I remember when I was a kid sitting under the preaching of a man who God brought fire through.  Preaching that would scare a kid but make him feel blessed all at the same time.  Preaching that 20+ years later rang true in my ears and seeds from so long ago God brought to harvest.  This same church fell apart when Satan came through the doors, this same church scrambled to bring back true worship, and by true I don’t mean the make you skin tingle and goosebumps come up on your arms.  Worship, I mean you feeling it deep in your soul making you realize you’re nothing but by the wonderful grace of God I’m saved kind of worship.  To this day, I’m unsure about this church and many others.  Did God tell you to, or did you decide to add in the things of the world.

We bring this stuff in and we water it down.  Our preachers have to look cool so they don’t wear their Sunday best, might I add losing all reference to the pulpit.  We have massive bands to preform for the audience, light shows to get you in the mood, and coffee bars to help make it a little more like home.  But for what?  New members?  I’d rather have a congregation of 10 solid believers that a mega church of lukewarm watered down Christians.  What would our forefathers say?  It wouldn’t matter our church would call them legalistic for thinking women should dress in modesty, men should be leaders, children should obey their parents, and preachers should preach the truth.

This is our modern church.  This is what’s become of our heritage, passed down from generation to generation.  God, to many has become a vending machine, churches a social gathering, and who produced it?  None other than Satan himself.  These entertainment centers we call church are little more than feel good Satan domes where everyone is saved but no one wants to address their sinful ways.  The kicker is what’s coming next.

Next, God is going to pull back.  Next, God is going to say, you didn’t want it my way so you have it your way.  Next, the Holy Spirit stops manifesting in the church.  But the bad thing is, fast food entitled Christians won’t even know the difference because it’s been so long since they let God do what God does, they won’t even know he’s gone.  Call me legalistic, call me old fashion, tell me I’m wrong that your churches aren’t production facilities.  But I want a church where God is the reason for every season, a church that is more than a social gathering, a church where the Holy Spirit is there every Sunday.  And I want to be a lion among the sheep.  I want to be a man of courage, a leader, a friend, a co worker, a husband after Gods own heart.  I want God to say step and then I move.  But most of all I want to be on fire, not like warm and watered down.

The Interracial Misreckoning

When you involve yourself in Christian conversation with nonchristians eventually you’re bound to stumble upon the debate of interracial marriage.  This is more common between the older generation and that younger generation.  The past few weeks for me and my fiancé have been rough because we’ve faced many challenges and trials revolving around interracial marriage.  No, before the thought creeps in we are not an interracial couple but we have several friends and family that are.  Of course I could debate with you why we are all interracially or at least interethnically involved but that debate is for another blog.

What sparked this study for me was a situation my fiancé ran into but she brought to my attention.  She was instructed that interracial relationships were against Gods perfect will.  Which, I know, sounds racist to say the least.  I like to have solid biblical grounding to support what I knew couldn’t be biblically correct, and this person quoted 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Be he not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath the righteousness with the unrighteousness? And what communion hath the light with the dark?”  Obviously this person was making an assumed reference to the last part of the verse and I could go into detail but I think it’s fairly safe to leave it at: light equals saved persons vs dark meaning unsaved.  This alone doesn’t prove or disprove this persons statement though, if anything it leaves it open ended.

So I was talking to my dad and he said didn’t Moses marry and Ethopian?  I didn’t have a clue.  So I checked.  My search took me back to the little chapter in the Old Testament Numbers 12.  This chapter tells us that Moses married a Cushite.  Cush being in southern or south of Ethopia and the inhabitants known for their exceptionally dark skin, which is supported in Jeremiah 13:23 “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots”.  What this chapter also tells us is that Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses for marrying an Ethiopian, followed by God punishing her for speaking against Moses, with leprosy.

Which raises 2 final points.  First, racism and racial discourse has been going on for many many years, and it’s ludicrous to assume that it’s against Gods perfect will for interracial relationships to exist.  Let alone verses supporting that skin isn’t a factor for God in general, and verses supporting being married to believers (those verses never mentioning skin color). Second, if we wish to end discourse things like race have to stop being a factor…for all races.

And so, I end with a quote in fact my favorite quote of all time

“We are not enemies, but friends.  We must not be enemies.  Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection, the mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature” -Lincoln 1861