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Diversity Among Us…

In a world full of video games, technology, one thousand reasons not to, here we are enjoying the beautiful gift that God gave us.  These are our friends…most of them at least.  These are the friends you know you can count on in the good times like these, and if bad times arose I know I could count on them to help pull us through.  The fact that we are standing here in this photo is proof enough.  I thank God every day for the friends he has placed in my life, the people he has put in my path that I can yoke to.  Good, godly friends.  Don’t get me wrong there is diversity among us, but these are the kind of people you want to call your friends.

Today was homecoming at church and after a good meal we all decided to go have fun, and so after an hour of driving and a 20 min hike to the top we ended up having an afternoon of fun throwing frisbee, laughing, some jogged, others sat but all in all its days like this I’m glad we all took a few minutes to record via photo but most importantly etched into the memory bank for all time.

I have been studying lately about who to yoke yourself to.  It is a very big concern of mine because it’s something we have to be careful about.  The bible is explicit in telling us to not be yoked with nonbelievers.  Luckily all of our friends are Christian and each of us not just me and Kendra try to have days or evenings like this where we fellowship with each other.

Brittany (left) and Kendra (Right)

Why should we be careful, you could argue that Jesus hang out with sinners.  For me I need this fellowship, it keeps me grounded, it keeps my focus towards God, and I think it’s influential in having a godly walk.  We all need that.  It’s clear in the church today that many Christians have let the world creep into their life, being yoked with other Christians you can keep each other in check.  Heath said tonight that it’s nice to be able to go out and hang out with fellow believers and friends because we all keep the world out of our time together.  There really isn’t a better discription to this group of friends.  We don’t drink, we don’t cuss, we are just down to earth Christians.  

(left to right) Sabrina, Anastasia, Brittany, Kendra

I really wanted this post to be some what deeper in nature about yoking your self with someone, but in writing it its occurred to me that it’s pretty cut and dry.  We had a great day, a great time, good fellowship, and overall a day where we literally and figuratively put the world to the side.

Heath and Sawyer
The Birtchfield Family
Brittany, Zade, Sawyer
Heath (Right) and Jason (Left)

Heath (Right) and Me (Left)
Kendra ❤️
The Whole Gang
Me and Kendra

Worn Out

All Done

And so, I am blessed with a group of diverse friends.  We view somethings differently, but these are my brothers and sisters….